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Workshops and Sessions

Creative Voice takes place in weekend workshops, evening sessions, residential workshops and individual sessions.

The venues for all the sessions are in the inner north of Melbourne, Australia except where otherwise indicated

Creative Voice Life Through Improvised Singing April 2 & 3 2016

Creative Voice at Eurobodalla River of Art Festival May 28 & 29 2016

Creative Voice Life Through Improvised Singing June 25 & 26 2016

Creative Voice Life Through Improvised Singing Aug 27 & 28 2016

Weekend Workshops: top of page

Participants in these workshops have the opportunity to explore connections between voice, body, breath, and the imagination. They are invited to work with voice on the thresholds between sound, spoken word and singing, enabling them to bring the uniqueness of their own musicality and voice to what becomes a co-created community of sound.

Over the two days, participants are introduced to the basic elements of improvised singing including melody, harmony, text, pulse and vocal percussion. From time to time they are invited to share moments of experiencing which provide the basis for an improvisation. The 'songs of the moment' that evolve out of this process are a distinctive living expression of the life of the group and the individuals within it.

The workshops will be of interest to:

Shower soloists, people who want to develop their creativity through voice, aspiring and established singers, improvisers, people who sing in choirs, and people who simply have a desire to sing with others and are ready to give it a go.

It will also be of interest to musicians, music therapists, creative arts therapists, playback theatre practitioners and to people who value the immediacy of working in the moment.

Evening Sessions: top of page

The following sessions are open to people who have attended a Creative Voice weekend workshop or similar. Contact with any enquiries.

4 Wednesday evenings in March : Wednesday 2, 9, 16 & 23

Times: 7-9pm

Location: Brunswick

4 Wednesday evenings in May: Wednesday 4, 11, 18, & 25

Times: 7-9pm

Location: Brunswick

Blocks of weekly sessions, including daytime sessions, will be offered in Northcote in the second half of 2016.

Creative Voice Spring Residential Workshop October 21 – 24, 2016

This Three-Day Residential Workshop is being held at Eden Park Views in Eden Park (close to Melbourne and easily accessible from Tullamarine Airport).

It is open to people familiar with the Creative Voice and Story Singing process. Participants must be able to hold and devise harmonies in the moment, have confidence and experience in vocal improvisation, and be willing to sing and experiment with others.

Creative Voice Residential Workshop October 21-24 2016

Creative Voice Summer School January 11-15, 2017

5 Days in which you can…

Be touched, take in joy, lose and find yourself, co-create with others, sing, listen, dare Bring together vocalising, creativity, story telling and music making

Explore connections between voice, body, breath and the imagination

Bring the uniqueness of your own musicality and voice to a co-created community of sound

Share moments of experiencing which provide the basis for vocal improvisations

Creative Voice Summer School Jan 11-15 2017

Sample files from Creative Voice workshops

Creative Voice Improv 1.mp3

Creative Voice Improv 2.mp3

Creative Voice Improv 3.mp3


This CD represents an effort to capture something of the spirit of 'Creative Voice' improvisations by documenting them in a more enduring form. It is the outcome of a collaboration between Hilde Knottenbelt and Christine Tammer. Contact Hilde at to purchase a copy.

Individual Sessions: top of page

These sessions are available Monday to Friday 10:00 am � 6:00pm.

The focus of the sessions is worked out in collaboration with the individual. A session could include a focus on self-expression, working with the mind body voice connection, opening up the voice, singing for pleasure, developing vocal flexibility and/or caring for the voice.

Creative Voice with Hilde Knottenbelt