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Hilde Knottenbelt (BA, Dip Ed, Dip Shiatsu, Psychodramatist) is the founder of Creative Voice, an experimental, group-centered approach to vocal improvisation. Since 1987 she has facilitated vocal improvisation and story singing groups, and worked extensively with the many nuanced layers of this form of vocal improvisation. She has run Creative Voice workshops in Switzerland, New Zealand and throughout Australia

Hilde is a Director of Psychodrama Australia and the co-ordinator of the core and intermediate training at the Melbourne Campus. She conducts professional development for creative arts practitioners and has taught and supervised at MIECAT in the Grad Dip and Master's Programme since 2006.

Hilde works in private practice offering individual sessions as a Voice Teacher, Counsellor, Supervisor and Coach. She is experienced in assisting others to express themselves creatively and responsively in a range of settings.

Creative Voice with Hilde Knottenbelt